The Sustain In Time Family Grows

07.08.2018 Innovative


Switzerland based Mensch Design Innovation GmbH joins the global effort to make Swedish-driven the world´s leading sustainability platform. Effective 6 August, 2018, Sustain in Time Global AB and Mensch Design Innovation GmbH (MDI) have merged.

“We are thrilled to have Matthias Mueller and his team joining us in making the world´s leading sustainability platform. The experience and competence of Matthias and his team will be a huge positive impact on our product development. The unique tools developed by MDI that now will be added to the platform will rapidly and significantly increase the end-user value.” Says Martin Malmros, CEO and Founder of Sustain In Time Global AB.

“After working with Sustain In Time for the last 12 months it has become obvious that jointly we can do something that never has been done before by providing all companies, small or large, with real actionable insights and tools on how to work with sustainability in a profitable way.  We share the same view that sustainability is a way of working just like quality is and therefore everyone in a company must understand and have tools allowing them to do this efficiently” Says Matthias Mueller, Founder and CEO of MDI GmbH

Mensch Design Innovation GmbH is a founding member of the Swiss association S2 Sustainability Strategies, TNS Switzerland. Sustain in Time is the Swedish office of The Natural Step and is currently developing is a membership-based platform for companies who want to develop sustainability in a profitable way. costs only 1€/employee/month and is built on 30 years of sustainability science and is expected to launch September, 2018. For more information watch us here

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