The Natural Step Canada part of Circular Economy Leadership Coalition

20.09.2018 Circular Economy

We are excited to share news from our fellow network of The Natural Step Canada, who today, along with their partners such as Minister McKenna and Unilever’s Paul Polman announced the creation of the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition (CELC). The national not-for-profit coalition includes corporate and NGO leaders, think tanks, and sustainability experts share a goal to eliminate waste and accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions from the Canadian economy.

CELC will work together to eliminate consumer and business waste while generating wealth and jobs for Canadians and regenerating damaged ecosystems. The coalition believes Canada can be a world leader in adopting sustainable, prosperous, zero-waste, low-carbon-emitting solutions for a global Circular Economy. This requires a fundamental shift from the dominant “take, make, waste” economy, which leans heavily on unsustainable resource extraction, into a Circular Economy, in which:

  • Resource productivity is increased;
  • Items are designed to use less material, to last longer, to be repaired or to be reused;
  • Products may be offered as services instead;
  • Pollution and toxins are designed out of the system;
  • The little waste that is generated becomes a valuable input back into the system.

We at Sustain In Time, want to congratulate our fellow colleagues from TNS Canada on being a part of such a forward-thinking, multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral project. We believe the future is circular, not linear, and we fully support the goals of the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition.

You can follow the upcoming developments of the coalition through the following website and social media channels.


Twitter:   @CELeadershipCA


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