Patagonia digital organizing platform

19.02.2018 Digital
Patagonia digital organizing

Patagonia takes its commitment to the environment further with the release of its new digital organizing platform: Patagonia Action Works.

Patagonia has been a leader in sustainable business from its founding in 1973. It is now a billion dollar enterprise, and its sustainable business values and practices have likely had a huge role in this success. Every year Patagonia donates 1% of annual sales (or 10% of profits) to grassroots environmental movements and campaign. Since 1985, they have donated $89 million to these causes.

Last week, Patagonia announced the release of Patagonia Action Works. Patagonia Action Works is a digital platform that changes the way environmental activism and grassroots organizing functions. It makes it easier than ever for organizations to reach potential supporters, and for individuals to identify causes to get involved with. Patagonia Action Works’ mission is to “connect committed individuals to organizations working on environmental issues in the same community.” Anyone can go to the platform’s landing page, enter their location, and immediately be directed to a list of local environmental organizations or campaigns. One can choose to learn more, donate, sign a petition, or volunteer in whatever capacity is needed.

Currently operating mainly in the US, the Patagonia Action Works model has potential applications in environmental action and grassroots organizing globally. This platform is a great example of how digitalization can be used effectively in the journey towards a livable, sustainable future.