AI for sustainability in time

14.02.2018 Artificial Intelligence
infographic showing ways to use AI for sustainability

How can new technology support our quest for sustainability in time? Here are eight great examples of AI for sustainability from the World Economic Forum this year, 2018.

“AI is being propelled out of research labs and into our everyday lives, from navigating cities, ride shares, our energy networks, to the online world.
The challenge, however, goes beyond guiding “human friendly AI” to ensuring “Earth friendly AI”. As the scale and urgency of the economic and human health impacts from our deteriorating natural environment grows, we have an opportunity to look at how AI can help transform traditional sectors and systems to address climate change, deliver food and water security, build sustainable cities, and protect biodiversity and human wellbeing. To this end, in a new Forum-PwC report launched at Davos this year, we showcase the significant opportunity to harness AI for the Earth. Here we outline eight of the identified “game changer” AI applications to address this planet’s challenges:”

1. Autonomous and connected electric vehicles

2. Distributed energy grids

3. Smart agriculture and food systems

4. Next generation weather and climate prediction

5. Smart disaster response

6. AI-designed intelligent, connected and livable cities

7. A transparent digital Earth

8. Reinforcement learning for Earth sciences breakthroughs