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The world is changing rapidly and organizations must change with it. The fast pace of change requires continuous, better integrated and faster adaptation of sustainability practices by companies. However, until today it has been a complex and costly exercise to make a company sustainable and to ensure that all stakeholders are involved actively throughout the process.

This is why we are developing a global digital platform to help manage the necessary change. 30 years of science, experience and methodology development are now being made available for a fraction of the cost. Our ambition is that our platform will be for sustainability, what Netflix and Spotify is for movie and music lovers.

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Our platform will help organsations combine sustainability with business success, and thrive through the change process. It will make sustainability easy to access, easy to understand and easy to integrate into daily life. From the factory floor to top management


Employee engagement – to build employee commitment and competence.

Employee empowerment – to make it so that employees can contribute in their everyday work.

Employee contribution – to create tools and mechanisms for action and collaboration.


Our platform will help generate business opportunities through sustainability driven innovation and improvements. It will also enhance productivity, moral and performance through employee engagement.


Flexible, mobile learning and customizable. We will offer flexible, mobile access to the best engagement platform, filled with learning modules, tools for change, inspirational case studies and more for easy access, easy understanding and easy action to transformation.


Affordable. Approx. 80% of the need for change is the same for business across the globe. This is why we think it is smart to share the cost and develop a digital platform that supports everyone. We will use a subscription model. The more subscribers we have, the more money we can invest in its’ development, and the greater we can make it. Subscribe for change!


Hundreds of microlearning modules and tools will help unleash employees creativity around the topics that are important for your success, such as the Circular Economy, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or any other priority that you may have.

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Martin Malmros, CEO

Kristoffer Lundholm, Senior Sustainability Advisor

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