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Martin Malmros

CEO, Partner, Senior Advisor

+46 730 45 83 40

Martin has over 25 years of experience in global business development and leadership. He has worked with The Natural Step methodology for a long time, especially in his position as CEO of Auralight. Martin will give you the support needed and the right contacts in the organization.

Richard Blume

Senior Sustainability Advisor and Head of Advisory Development

Richard is a Senior Advisor. He primarily works with international companies that are seeking to become role models in sustainable development. He is currently working on sustainable chemical management and transforming the PVC Industry in his capacity as advisor of VinylPlus.

Kristoffer Lundholm

Senior Sustainability Advisor and Head of Capacity Development

+46 768 333 133

Kristoffer is a Senior Advisor. He primarily works with helping to bring in a strategic sustainable development perspective into their planning, innovation and product development processes. He is a much appreciated presenter and facilitator of creative workshops.

Lena Johansson

Senior Sustainability Advisor and Head of Reporting

+46 708 842 26 14

Lena is a Senior Advisor. She works primarily with developing and implementing sustainability strategies, competence development, analyses and sustainability reporting.


Susanne Winge

Sustainability Advisor and Head of Communications

+46 73 72 73 490

Susanne works as sustainability advisor and as communications manager. She has experience within social and environmental entrepreneurship, management consulting, strategic sustainability projects, and workshop facilitation.

Peder Engdahl

Deputy CEO and Partner

+46 70 282 54 73

Peder has over 25 years of experience in his own consulting business and mergers and acquisitons. For the past 10 years, Peder has been working on establishing partner networks and subsidiaries in Sweden, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South and North America for Swedish companies. Peder is co-founder and co-owner.

Emil Hast

Senior Associate Sustainability Advisor

+46 70 694 37 08

Emil is an independent senior consultant who supports management teams, implements strategic goals, is competence support and ensures that things are happening in the right direction. Emil has ten years of experience as a member of the Natural Step and has been working as an associate since 2007. Over the years, he has worked on over 100 projects, trained over 1,000 people.

Johannes Sandberg

Associate Sustainability Advisor

+46 76 040 97 77

Johannes works as an associate consultant. He works with advisory projects as well as education and lectures. He has previously run an own company focusing on how to develop learning processes and more effective interaction between different actors in society within fields of water, environment and sustainable development.

Eva Malmros

Sales Manager

+46 76 339 83 33

Eva is responsible for sales at Sustain In Time. Contact her if you have any quieries as to who to contact for proucts or services.

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